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        About Us

        Wuhu Nanda Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. is located in a big provincial economical development zone in Yangtze delta, which is very beautiful and convenient. Our company covers over 60,000 square meters by land. Since the development of many years, the company has developed into a multi-functional group for new product R&D,manufacturing and trading.Our company is the professional manufacturer of the suspension parts, such as: ball joint, tie rod end, rack end, side rod assy,control arm etc.

        NANDA is advanced in technology and facilities,our sales net covers many big cities at home and outspread to the Southeast Asia and Occident.There are many kinds of products which are suitable for lots of automotive types such as AUDI,BULK,NISSAN,HONDA,HYUNDAI VOLVO, LADMITSUBISH,OPEL,PEUGEOT,PORSCHE,RENAULT,SUZUKI,VOLKSWAGEN MERCENDES BENZ,TOYOTA, MAZDA KIA,ISUZU,and so on.NANDA lives on the "people oriented and exceeding the excellence"in production process.The high quality products and good organization skills brought us to high levels of the suspension parts sector and NANDA will continue doing its best to keep itself being one of the reliable and well known company in auto parts world.

        NANDA  people never give up pursuing the best quality,delivering superior products to every corner of  the world and providing you with a safe and enjoyable life on the wheels.create a brilliant future both at home and abroad.

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        • No.988 Industrial Road Wuhu County Wuhucity,Anhui Province,China